RichPartners is an advertising company, sister of ( site ) this site offers the owner of the site to get monetized their content by placing ads on their websites. They also claim that they accept all types of websites with no minimum traffic condition It is 100% Google Ads Compliant with a great eCPM

This website is available in English and Russian language for visitors.
More ,this site also offers that they pay you every 5 months  $37,449.05 if you have monthly traffic one million on your website but this all depends on the traffic from which country your traffic coming from 

They provide you a code to paste it into html but they do not give you a test code to see you are really owner of the particular website
similarly to A-ads  
The ads are available  in banner kind and there aren’t any pop-ups or pop-unders
Also there is working support team, also some reviews that I've seen but can't seem to get anything else from it

This site is really a new site, so therefore currently it has no more reviews for it .
The button for sign-in and sign-up don't lead you anywhere except a loading box even if you wait for an hour. 

Richpartners amazingly no buttons  work at least it happens to me 
The Privacy Policy terms of service and Rules of Service also not working if you try it
They is no any link and nothing will happen if you attempt to click on it.

Due to high payouts rates I personally think that is is a scale site and an other factor is that they are accepting all kind of websites no any standard policy applying doesn’t matter even you create a free site on blogger and apply for monetizing they do not get late to approve you site what is that ?
The website also does not redirect anywhere which makes me sure that this is a scam definitely a scam site .