By Jabbar Naeem


The milk dropped on the road, between a few stray dogs collected for drinking and the same milk between these dogs to satisfy the hunger and thirst. In India a video is circulating on social media which has exposed the situation created by the lockdown for the poor. In this video released on India News Channel NDTV's Twitter account, it can be seen that there are some dogs on the street for drinking milk, while a man tries to stuff it into his chilo. Is crazy
The video is said to be from Agra, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Watching this video on social media went viral and social media users are calling it 'tragedy for humanity'. "If we were to spend millions on these people instead of joining the arms race, this world would have been a better place to live," wrote a Venetian

The condition of this person may be even with no lockdown. ' He also quoted the reporter who shot the scene in his camera, hoping that the reporter who made the video to be famous must have given the man food.

On social media as well as on electronic media showing these footages and raising the questions to the ruling party BJP that what masseurs have taken by governments for the homeless persons who often seen on footpaths,streets and open grounds they have only one one source of income which is Bagging

After the announcing lockdown by the government in all over INDIA this situation has been seen across all the big or small cities of the country