Posted by Jabbar Naeem
The predictions about Bitcoin price failed. the price of bitcoin was predicted above $ 10000 Dollars per bitcoin for the month of May 2020 .

but went fail last month April bitcoin was stable at $ 7140 in again went down but now again somehow it is at the same table some analyzers again predicting that it may sustain at the level of $ 8000Few sites of bitcoins have posted the predictions forecast price for the month of May 2020 is listed below with the site name and their prediction.

1# Longforecaste : has predicted that BTC will have trading price for month of May at $6481they also estimated that maximum price could reach at $8065

2# Digitalcoinprice’s : Bitcoin prediction price sees coin reaching at $13998 in May 2020 which means increase of 99.53%

3# coinpredictor : forecasted that Bitcoin will experience a decree -22.6% in May 2020 meaning that bitcoin will be trading at $ 7137

For the visitors I want to give a detail that What is digital currency and how it can be used ?
Digital currency is primarily the electronic payment or payment method. It allows you to buy, but so far, it can only be spent in specific locations. It lets you make payments on video games or social networks. What is a digital currency and where it is used?

There are currently around 5000 crypto currencies in the world, including Butte Coin. The price of a bit of coin is currently around $ 8300, while in the past it has reached $ 20,000.

The total cryptocurrency market is estimated at around $ 230 billion. Market watchers say that until recently, the market had raised over $ 400 billion.

The crypto currency business is taking place worldwide, with over 5000 currencies coming in so far but currently the most popular bitcoin.