No anymore google Adsense approving sites with

By JabbarNaeem

Note: I’m sharing some screenshots which I received regarding my this article.

Since blogger was a good source of income in initial time of blogging the well known creators (bloggers) of present time are produced by blogger how much they were fortunate that Google Adsense and other ad networking platforms were keen to monetize their content within few days of new site with was ready to earn for his master you could realize how much they were fortunate, they had no headaches for buying domain name then hosting for their domaine it was just click away sign up for gmail sign in to blogger make a domain name and your site is live and ready be to monetized

( Create blog and go for monetization )

Now it’s not as much as easy it’s was before for those not lucky but luckiest persons anyway I’m not here complaining but remember those days and wasted those opportunities but still it is not too much late but yes have to work hard have to compete by creating unique work attracting visitors .

Despite this blogger is giving you opportunity to create free blog and go live with ( thanks for that ) but since google AdSense and other ad networking platforms are avoiding to monetize the creators content, it is hard ( difficult ) to continue creative activity if you don’t have other sources of income to maintain your other needs ( daily bases ) as you must not be stressed in this consequences
As you can focus only on your content to make it unique .

As blogger and google AdSense are the product ( property) of google then google AdSense must not have to avoid to monetize the sites contains

Other ad networking platforms like Media.Net , Facebook Audience e.t.c have their own choice to which site should be monetized and which shouldn’t be. But at least google Adsense must review its monetizing policy about blogger users .


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