Zack Opus ,a San Francisco-based cybersecurity company, has discovered the bug, which it says could make it easier for more than half a billion iPhone users to be targeted by hackers. The company says the bug is also present in iPads.

The security company discovered the flaw in 2019 while working on a cyber attack complaint from one of its clients.
The vulnerability was also seen as a tool in six other cyber attacks, targeting high-profile users from Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
The company says that in this hacking, users are sent a blank e-mail which, when opened, crashes the mobile system and the mobile restarts. Hackers gain access to data during restarts.
The company's chief executive, Zak Orham, says he personally witnessed the glitch in 2018.
Apparently Apple was unaware of the bug, but a spokesman for Apple said the company was aware of it and was working on a fix that would soon be available to iPhone users via an update. Will go
According to Zak and Aham, the hacking could be part of a number of high-profile cyber activities that have yet to be detected.
2 Independent security researches have also confirmed this report of Zak Opus and they also believe that this information is incomplete and more links are yet to be found.