By Jabbar Naeem

For the past 50 years, Italian artist Mello Manara has been creating comic boxes for children, in which he beautifully portrays female characters. During lockdown, he planned to use his skills in a way that reflected current conditions.
He told the American newspaper The Washington Post that one night he abandoned everything and started making sketches of female heroes fighting against Corona.
In addition to the doctors and medical staff who fight on the frontline from Corona, there are anonymous heroes that are rarely mentioned.
In the sketch under Mello Minara, it can be seen that the nurse is standing bravely in front of the ambulance in which a patient is fighting the battle of Corona.

According to Mylo, 'in this drawing a female nurse stands up to the virus to protect others from the attack.' He titled this drawing, 'Now your competition is with me'.

Somewhere , they have shown a female doctor knocking on the door. In the drawing, red marks are also visible on the doctor's face, who has been wearing masks for several hours continuously. Doctors and medical staff recently shared videos of their faces on social media, with red marks on the mask.