By Jabbar Naeem

Photo:Arab News

In the wake of the outbreak of the Corona virus across the world, locals have discovered new ways to engage. According to a report published in Arab News, people from different communities in Saudi Arabia have resorted to the traditional Asian sports carom board with family and friends to avoid boredom, which was somewhat forgotten. had gone. This ancient game of time is played between four or two players and the players stay at some distance from each other as they sit around the carom board.
The unique game is now gaining prominence among Saudi citizens. Family, kids and older are all enjoying the game.
Photo: Arab News

Carrom boards say the game reached Saudi Arabia decades ago via traders via the Hijaz from the sub-continent. It has since become a part of social life, in which women and elders are also interested in it. Saudi artist Najat Mutahir has highlighted the sport and the family's relationship through a beautiful picture in which grandparents play carom boards with their grandchildren.
He added that the worm board is the best way to remove boredom. We're all kicking off the old worm boards and starting playing again.