By Jabbar Naeem

World wouldn’t be same after Coronavirus: photo : FP

world is facing a war situation due to the Corona virus and even trying to overcome this crisis, but there are some people in this world who are considering the aspects that the common man thinks. Are beyond.
The Corona virus has affected system life worldwide, businesses around the world have closed, and the performance of governments has opened up. In this way, world renowned thinkers and intellectuals are wondering what the world will be like after Corona.

Foreign Policy Magazine writes that due to the growing crisis in the Corona virus, the earth is slipping beneath our feet. In these situations, the magazine has asked well-known thinkers of the world how the world system will go after the global outbreak.

Has America Failed the Leadership Exam? Will new powers emerge in the world and end US influence?
Will globalization come to an end or will its governess fall into the hands of indoor China? Will more failed states be born and wars erupted in the world?

“America will no longer be called world leader “
"The United States will not be called a world leader because of the narrow-minded interests and incompetence of its government," said General Cory Scheck, director of the American International Institute for Strategic Studies. The effects of the outbreak could be minimized by international non-governmental organizations delivering information to the world quickly, giving governments time to prepare to tackle it. It was something the United States could do, but it has shown that it only serves its own interests. The US has failed this test

Is the transfer of power going from west to east?
Stephen M. Walt, professor of international relations at Howard University, says: "The Corona virus will accelerate the west-to-east migration of power and influence. South Korea and Singapore have to deal with it best, China has responded very well after initially making some mistakes. '
According to him, the reaction of the United States and Europe has been slow and chaotic, and the West has no good impression on the world.
Professor Stephen further writes that 'the short is that Cody 19 will create a world that is less prosperous, less open and less free. This was not to be, but deadly viruses, inappropriate planning and incompetent leadership have taken the world on a new and more worrying path. '

'Globalization bugger will come to China rather than the United States.' Photo: AFP