By Jabbar Naeem

Bitcoin was never stable at a fixed rate it was lower trading about 11 years ago and got its peak in 2017 that time it was being traded just under 20000 US dollars you can view on screen shot below

Then it dropped and was being traded about 6000 US dollars and currently as 11/03/2020 it is being traded just under 8000 US dollars you can view in an screen shot below

But now a days question is that “Should we buy bitcoins now or to wait until mid of 2020” ? So now the GURUS ( experts ) are predicting that In May 2020 BTC halvening occurring  and BTC will likely rising up more chances to touch 10000 US Dollars currently it’s trading 7500 US Dollars plus

WARNING: Keep in your mind that investment in Bitcoin is very risky and never buy or trade more than you can’t afford if it’s loss