By Jabbar Naeem

My 3rd article about Coronavirus because it’s currently discussing around the world so this shows you in the eyes of AFP photos how world looks like now a days
About a third of the world's population is locked away in their homes in the wake of the Corona virus. From Paris
to Santa Monica, Dhaka to Panama, the deadly virus has adversely affected people's lives. Schools and offices
are closed, many businesses are closed, congregations are banned, and travel facilities are also restricted. Parks and recreation areas are now considered prohibited. What it is like to live in the shadow of the horror of the Corona virus.

A coffin in the Italian province of Bergamo is taking pictures to show his family and relatives. The families of those killed by the Corona virus cannot see the deceased because they have quarantined themselves

Photo: AFP

Two people pray Friday in the Al-Aqsa mosque in Palestine, which is currently looking deserted
In Rio de Janeiro, graffiti artist Rafaman paints a picture on a building near his home with the message 'It will pass'.
Yuki Sato, who works at a company in Tokyo, is now doing her work from home.