By: Jabbar Naeem

I would like to say yes but not for all I mean for those who have already source of income online 

Example : #1 if you have a YouTube channel with enough subscribers and you used to upload videos frequently your viewership of every video is minimum 10k then this can help you to earn from affiliate marketing 

#2 if you have a website , blog or a good Facebook page which can reach to the targeted audience and from hundreds of clicks might one could be a buyer so you could earn from affiliate marketing 

So conclusion is that you already have a source to reach more people and of course if you have these opinions means you are already earning from your YouTube channel, from a site or Facebook pages 
So as in the beginning of this article I wrote that from affiliate marketing system only those can earn who already are earning online 
So this system is best for them to boost their income 

And if you have a YouTube channel subscriber are less and it’s reach is in hundreds no hope soon in near future it wouldn’t be monetized or also website or Facebook page is not approved for advertising by Google Adsense, Facebook audience network or then forget online affiliate marketing system