By Jabbar Naeem


If one is watching India's roads from the satellite, then the question that comes to mind is, why is there so much silence, brother? Billions of people are locked up in their homes, not all of them, but at least they are the ones who have houses. Those who do not have a restriction should not be visible on the roads. The rest they know and their job. They have nothing to do with everything that is lying

Looks like the world is really round. Now Allah knows better whether it is round or flattened, but whatever it is, it is a little difficult nowadays. Heard that there is a virus spreading across the world that is eradicating the rich and the poor, which can eradicate both the rich and the poor But that won't happen, because the rich have Netflix. But the poor will not be treated less. They also have dishes that don't work for the sake of eating. That's what Amitabh Bachchan, the star of at least Aadhagath, looks like. They apparently believe that The corona virus could have been weakened by plates and applause. This is a great example of multi-tasking, but where are the viruses so easily acknowledged? What if the plates and plates could be occupied?

It is now clear that nothing is to be done from the plates and plates, and we can guarantee that nothing happens by beating the forehead, so now there is only some tedious work to do. For example, staying in your home, not touching anyone, staying away from crowded places and washing your hands for a while. But where do you get fun with things that aren't drama? If I came, why would the curfew be imposed across the country? Airports across the country are now deserted, factories are closed, and train and bus services have been suspended. Those who arrive home on time are happy that whatever will happen, but the housemates will have the rest of them worried that they should go. Locks have been laid on the gates of large societies.

Neither newspapers are allowed to come in and no guest is allowed. But the most upset are husbands who do not have the habit of helping with household chores. Domestic employees are also confined to their homes and are on target of their vacant husbands and wives. That's their only complaint
Many people are now praying for the heat. It is usually quite hot at that time. As long as the heat or the vaccine comes, stay in their homes as long as possible, but do not forget those who do not have a home. They will not see you because of the curfew but will say around
There is currently no cure for the vaccine, it will take at least a year to prepare. How much arrangements can be made in the hospitals if the situation is as bad as in Italy or Spain, in a few days the hospitals will not find a place to stay and will they keep their feet?