By Jabbar Naeem

It’s true that you can earn money just by watching ads or completing some kind of surveys then you can get paid there are websites and Apps they offer you to view their ads and as reward they will pay you

But to be honest that you can’t earn from viewing ads or videos online then you would have equal income like your salary or income from your other sources I mean to say that you can’t relay on only watching ads but it is extra income if you have spare time after finishing your actual job

So here are some reliable sites list with some details:

1. Paid2youtube

If you spend your time on YouTube every day then why shouldn’t try to use paid2youtube and it pays for subscription watching ads videos but don’t forget to leave comments and it’s minimum threshold is 10$ You can withdraw by PayPal

2. InboxDollars

This is an other source of income if you want to earn easier quicker then just sign up and watch short videos check every day for new videos and also look for other ways to make money actually there are numbers of options to make money with InboxDollars. It also pays you for completing online surveys, playing Games , performing web searches and singing up for promotional offers

You need to reach 30$ threshold and you will receive an email .

Is a free online rewarding site , earn points or swagbucks watching some short and some long videos , videos are related with fashion, entertainment,food,home , politics, news , health and so on . You can earn swagbucks by answering surveys  ,
Minimum payout threshold is 25$ or 2500 points you can use PayPal