By Jabbar Naeem

For your beauty As a blogger , YouTuber I have hardly need to have sources of income from my self hard works. As I have a blog and YouTube channel
I work on both for hours of a day to create content and make it unique so some how I expect that I should have been paid also from my these sources for that aim you would have need a platform which can monetize your content regarding this Google Adsense is a best option because it’s the only which is transparent it reports you every single click on your site and also pays you for that but unfortunately Google Adsense is being very difficult for new creators like YouTube as all of you know that how YouTube is difficult to monetize your videos

So there was need of alternate of Adsense, so there are alternates, these are good enough supportive for those bloggers or sites who have currently low traffic but they want to generate some revenue so here I would like suggest these alternates of Adsense .

# 1 Media.Net
# 2 Facebook audience network
# 3 propeller
# 4 Adcash

These are not equal to to generate revenue as Google Adsense generates but best for alternate for those who have low traffic to their content .